Grey Geometrical Cushion Cover

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Product Features

The most versatile pieces are the most simple one, mix and match with any floral, stripes or plain cushion but this one will make its place in between all of them

 This cushion cover is hand-block printed by skilled artisans.

Made in cotton canvas, this cushion cover can easily compliment any corner of your abode.

A concealed zip is used for closure so that the cushion can be used from both sides 

Size: 18" * 18" 

Material: Cotton Canvas

Please note: These cushions are hand-block printed so there will be slight imperfections in background printing but these imperfections definitely add more to the beauty of this cushion cover.  

Cushion covers are sold without fillers.

Ethics we follow
Recycled Polyester Lining
Recycled Polyester Lining

Pet bottles looks so fancy inside our bags and not as trash. Using pet bottles to make our lining help us reduce the trash from our mother earth.

Hand-crafted In India
Hand-crafted In India

Things that appear to be effortless from the outside but are made with a great deal of passion and care by our country's experienced artisans.

3 Months Germ Free Protection
3 Months Germ Free Protection

An effort from our side in collaboration with WELLNEX INDIA to protect your purchase from germs. 99.9% germ free protection for 3 months