Classic Mac-book Sleeve: Black

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Product Features

Who doesn't like a little protection for their Macbooks? Everybody does. Designed thoughtfully to carry your Macbook air & pro both from 13 inches to 15 inches. This sleeve comes with a small signature TANNTRIM pocket. The design element in the front panel acts like a paper or a thin notebook holder as well.

  • Closure: Zip Closure
  • The front flap can be used as a paper or thin notebook holder
  • Can hold Macbook Air 13"
  • Can hold MacBook pro 13" to 15"

Material Used: Cruelty Free Leather

Height (in cms): 27

Wdith (in cms): 2

Length (in cms):37

Ethics we follow
Recycled Polyester Lining
Recycled Polyester Lining

Pet bottles looks so fancy inside our bags and not as trash. Using pet bottles to make our lining help us reduce the trash from our mother earth.

Hand-crafted In India
Hand-crafted In India

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3 Months Germ Free Protection
3 Months Germ Free Protection

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