About Us

At Tann Trim, we want to design simple, chic yet thoughtful products for the life lived in motion. The result is a core collection of merchandise constructed from the highest quality material, hand-crafted by the most skilled artisans from the country and engineered to support you in living smart. The aim is to build a perfect collection of luxury products that address the need of a modern man and women in motion keeping into account the things we carry, the places we go, and the elements we face from home to work to dine & wine. Tann Trim is for modern consumers who connect with the product they buy. We truly believe in personal styling and every product we make will have a story to connect to an individual personality.

Inspired by contemporary aesthetics, simple geometrical shapes and designs that grow from their environment i.e organic architecture and very importantly ergonomics and usability. Each merchandise created will be in order to communicate and create a unique experience to its consumer.

Tann stands for the colour brown & Trims stands for the minute details which is the most important element of design for the brand. We truly believe that the most effective designs are the simplest and hence we are focusing on engineering - functional details which will be brand identity, rather than logos. We want to make products for modern consumers who want to move away from quick and compulsive purchases toward more thoughtful acquisitions.